Tension hormonale contrôlée is a two-guitar, alto/baritone sax, bass and drums quintet whose music ranges from progressive rock to contemporary jazz, going through all the realms of the experimental, avant-garde, psychedelic and free. With mainly original compositions in its repertoire, the band also plays a few covers (Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Thurne cosmique). Vocals or another sax (tenor/soprano) have occasionally joined the line-up, and guests are always welcome.

Improvisation is a huge part of Tension's music: in the themes and structure of the tunes, as in the many solos and collective choruses; but written compositions are far from absent as well. Similarly, from a harmonic point of view, modal pieces may be a dominant feature of the current repertoire, but tonal harmony is certainly not a taboo for the band. It's all about playing with ambiences, textures, changes in atmosphere, about building up and releasing the tension.

Tension hormonale contrôlée is named after a tune by Thurne cosmique.

Coming soon: summer 2008 sessions

Listen to an advance extract:
Très haut dans le cosmos

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