Sthita is a double bass - soprano saxophone - drums trio born in 2002.

The three members each came with his own personal feeling, and together they gave birth to a musical realm where contemporary jazz intertwines with echoes from world musics, particularly klezmer (Jewish music from Eastern Europe).

Sthita means "upright", "calm and serene" in Sanskrit; alongside other words, it expresses the notions of balance and the quest for wisdom. No diehard mysticism here, though! For the band, this is only about an intense and demanding approach to sound, shunning any excess of movement, dealing with and shaping the sound and the silence in their ever-resisting reality. Sthita are not looking for a passive entrancement of the audience, but for an participating, living availability, an active listening to the intermingling of the music with the silence.

Sthita's first album, Suspendu ("Suspended") was published in May 2005 by Viral Productions / Bifurcations.

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