Photo Christophe Éloi, 2005

Currently playing the bass guitar with Tension hormonale contrôlée and Oriea, Georges is also the main sound engineer for Viral Productions.

In the spirit of Viral's eclectic credo, he's actively participating in composition for the bands he plays with. His own creations will be published under the name of moA:Rg. These are pieces that aren't meant for any of these bands, not even in any conitnuity - not even of the self.

For composing as well as recording and mixing, the computer is its main tool, but this isn't about electro music, moA:Rg is wary of styles and categories, of intentions, even.

The upside of this chaotic approach is that each piece must bring its own universe and fill it up. These can start as tries, or even exercices, in whose frames the creation has invited itself to overflow them, and that's what it's about here: overflows, unorderd.

The name moA:Rg is also reminiscent of the use of the artist's own voice in the first work to be published: Spleen 2.5

Spleen 2.5

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